At the Bank of Cave City, our mission is to invest in the communities we serve.  We are proud to offer financial services that help our friends and neighbors build homes, develop farms, grow their businesses, and save for their futures.  And we are blessed to be able to support and sponsor local organizations and events.

But community investment is not simply about writing a check.  It’s about working to be a vital part of the places we love and live in.  Every year employees of the Bank of Cave City spend more than 1000 hours investing in our communities.  We help in the concession stand at area sporting events, maintain the Veteran's Park flowerbeds, serve on various boards, volunteer for various community events, maintain our strong presence at the Watermelon Festival, and much more.

When you see us out and about, know we’re not just representing the Bank of Cave City.  We’re carrying out our commitment to invest in our communities.