A penny saved is a penny earned.  This old Benjamin Franklin adage still rings true in our modern world.  Whether you mastered the art of saving years ago, or are just beginning to realize you need to set money aside for a rainy day - now is a great time to save money.  The Bank of Cave City offers several options, so one is sure to fit your needs.  You can even set up automatic transfers from your checking account, making saving an easy task.  Of course, we offer competitive interest rates, FDIC Insurance, and the safety and security of more than a century of doing business.  Check out our options and choose how you save. 

Opportunity Savings

A great way to start saving for large purchases, emergencies, or vacations, our Opportunity Savings has no minimum balance or monthly maintenance fees, making it easy for you to set aside money.  Interest rates are based on balance* and compounded quarterly.  Open your account today with a $100 minimum deposit. 

*No interest earned on balances of $100 or less.  Interest penalties may apply upon closure of account.

Harvest Kids Savings

Teach kids from birth to 16 to save at an early age, by opening a Harvest Kids Saving Account.  The account can be opened with a $10 minimum deposit and has no minimum balance requirements or dormancy fees.  Interest rates are based on balance.

*Interest penalties may apply upon closure of account. Withdrawal limits apply.

Christmas Club

Prepare for the Christmas wish lists now, open your Christmas Club account today and earn interest* for holiday shopping  You can open your account with a $10 minimum deposit, and even set up automatic transfers from your checking account to grow your savings with ease.

*Penalty for early withdrawal.  Interest paid at maturity.

Certificates of Deposit

Our CDs provide a secure place for you to invest your money.  All you need is a $500 minimum deposit to open your CD.  We offer fixed interest* rates and a variety of terms - from 3 months to 5 years - that allow you to customize the CD to meet your needs.

*Penalty for early withdrawal.

Individual Retirement Accounts

IRAs give you the opportunity to invest in your retirement with no annual fees, a fixed rate of interest* and tax deductions on your current year's tax return.*  Ask your customer service representative for more details.

*Penalty for early withdrawal.  Consult your tax advisor regarding tax deductions.


All savings and certificates of deposit account interest rates are variable and change regularly.  Please call for current rates.